Merlin - Shelter Pet Squad by Cynthia Lord


Cynthia Lord

Scholastic Press (September 2015)

Ages 6 to 10

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When I opened the front door, Ms. Flores was crawling on the floor, looking under the waiting-room chairs. Ms. Kim was searching through the dog-bed display.

"Quick, Suzannah! Close the door!" Ms. Flores said. "We can't let Merlin escape!"

She looked worried. I shut the door behind me as fast as I could. "Who's Merlin?" I asked. A hamster? A rabbit? A cat?

"A ferret!"

A pet is missing!

When Suzannah arrives to volunteer at the shelter, one of the animals is missing! It's Merlin, a mischievous ferret who gets into everything, and loves to play hide and seek.

Owning a ferret can be really hard work, the Shelter Pet Squad discovers. Whoever takes Merlin home will need to be prepared. That's why Suzannah and the other kids make up a test to give to anyone who wants to adopt him. But the ferret is full of surprises . . . and even the Shelter Pet Squad has a lot to learn.